Rapid Tests from Get Tested

We are proud to be a retailer of Get Tested, a leading health and wellness company in Europe. Here, you will find their extensive range of health tests that you can easily perform from the comfort of your own home. With these tests, you have the power to take control of your own well-being without having to leave your home.

We offer over 60 different tests, specially designed to help you maximize your health and identify any health concerns. Whether you want to learn more about your skin health, IBS, or burnout, we have the products for you. We are your trusted partner in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Explore our range from Get Tested International AB and take control of your health today!

35 Products
Hair Mineral Analysis
Get Tested Hair Mineral Analysis
£ 149
Hormone Test for Men
Get Tested Hormone Test for Men
£ 169,95
Testosterone Test - Saliva Test
Neurotransmitters XL
Get Tested Neurotransmitters XL
£ 440,95
Mineral Deficiency Test
Get Tested Mineral Deficiency Test
£ 69
Iron Deficiency Test - Ferritin
Vitamin B12 Test
Get Tested Vitamin B12 Test
£ 59
D-Vitamin Test
Get Tested D-Vitamin Test
£ 39
Iodine Test
Get Tested Iodine Test
£ 79
Omega 3 Plus
Get Tested Omega 3 Plus
£ 89
Nutrient Test
Get Tested Nutrient Test
£ 99
Neurotransmitters Plus
Get Tested Neurotransmitters Plus
£ 225,49
SIBO Home Test Without Doctor's Visit
Estrogen and Progesterone Test
Cortisol Test - Home Test
Get Tested Cortisol Test - Home Test
£ 67,45
Gut Check XL
Get Tested Gut Check XL
£ 269,95
Women's Hormone Test
Get Tested Women's Hormone Test
£ 172,49
Serotonin Home Test
Get Tested Serotonin Home Test
£ 59,95
Pet Allergy - Allergy Test for Pets
Prostate PSA Lab Test
Get Tested Prostate PSA Lab Test
£ 29,95
hs-CRP Test
Get Tested hs-CRP Test
£ 37,95
Get Tested DHEA Test
£ 52,45
Adrenal Test
Get Tested Adrenal Test
£ 112,95