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Home Tests with High Security - Safe, Fast, and Easy

Our CE-marked tests can be easily conducted at your home, and you'll always get the results within minutes. Generally, you don't need to send urine or blood samples for further analysis. In today's medical world, this is known as IVD (In vitro Diagnostic), but we call it "test and get results immediately." This type of testing and technology is used daily in healthcare centers, hospitals, and clinics. It's a proven technology.

Our tests show if it's positive or negative; they don't display various substances or values. However, we have set threshold values that provide you with confidence, so the test won't show as negative if it's close to the positive threshold.

So, How Does It Work?

Our tests require urine, stool, or blood. Whether it's blood, stool, or urine, the fluid/stool should come into contact with the test cassette or test strip. When this happens, a reaction occurs, and the test will then show if it's positive or negative.

Instructions - How to Perform Your Rapid Test

Nordictest provides instructions for all our tests to ensure they are performed correctly. Please click on the tests you need instructions for and follow the guidelines.

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Our tests are secure. To understand the definition of reliability, it's important to note that when IVD tests are evaluated, test labs assume that users make mistakes, such as reading test results immediately rather than after the specified time, reading too late, using too much or too little urine or blood, a test that shows positive but is actually negative (this is a very important feature that we describe in more detail below). Nevertheless, our tests show approximately 94% to 100% accuracy.

False Positive and False Negative

A test that shows positive even though it's negative can occur; this is called a false positive and is a built-in safety feature that ensures a test truly indicates if you are close to a threshold value, allowing for more precise control by medically trained personnel. The worst thing in our industry is a false negative, which means a test shows a negative result even though it should have shown positive. This is especially critical for certain tests like Lyme disease, thyroid, prostate, etc. We are proud to say that our tests are calibrated in a way that prefers false positive over false negative.