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10 benefits of testing yourself at home

Published 2023-11-05 23:02 by Nordictest
10 benefits of testing yourself at home

For many, it's a given to test for the flu or a sexually transmitted disease at home. Why book an appointment and sit in a waiting room with people who may spread more infections when you can test yourself at home in peace?

There are many advantages to testing for infections at home. Here, we will look at 10 important factors that have led more and more people to choose to test for herpes, tonsillitis, and blood in the stool at home.

10 advantages of home testing:

1. Home tests are convenient

When you can test yourself at a time that suits you in the comfort of your home, it's a significant advantage. You don't need to rush to a medical center. If you have symptoms that make it difficult to leave your home, it's very comforting to avoid going to a clinic.

Moreover, you reduce the risk of getting infected with other illnesses when sitting in a waiting room with others who have come for various health issues. This can be just as important as staying home when you're feeling unwell.

2. Privacy is invaluable

Not everyone wants to discuss their personal health with others, especially when you're not sure if it's the specific infection you suspect. When you've taken a home test that shows a positive result, it feels easier to take the case to the right type of doctor.

You can receive the home test in your mailbox from us in an envelope that doesn't reveal what it's about. When you're mainly concerned about whether you may have been infected, this privacy is incredibly important and a massive advantage of home testing.

3. Early detection is synonymous with early treatment

If you know you may have been infected and then test as soon as possible, you can detect a disease early. This is crucial for various conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, and sexually transmitted diseases.

With early detection, you also get early treatment. If it's a disease that can be transmitted to others, you're aware of it. You can be cautious with people in your life and avoid risks.

It should also be noted that early treatment can increase the chances of getting better faster. This depends on the type of infection and available treatments.

4. Home tests are user-friendly

Another significant advantage of home tests is that they are designed to be easy to use. They come with clear instructions. You receive all the components you need, and it shouldn't be physically challenging to take the test.

Thanks to this, very few people cannot handle taking a home test on their own. If you feel a bit nervous, maybe there's someone you can confide in. You can then examine the test result together to ensure the reliability of the result based on how you performed the test.

5. You save time with home tests

Booking an appointment for a doctor's test can be time-consuming. You'll likely wait on hold if you don't have other booking methods available, and then you have to travel to the clinic. Once you arrive, there may be delays and additional waiting time.
Testing for an illness at a medical center could very well mean missing half a workday. If you don't have symptoms, and it's not an urgent illness, you can save time by taking the test at home when it suits you.

6. Reduced anxiety

It's not uncommon to experience anxiety before visiting a doctor or taking a test at a clinic. It can lead to feelings of stress. If you can start with a simple home test, anxiety and stress can be avoided.

It might turn out that you were not infected at all, and in that case, it's great that you avoided the anxiety and stress of going to a doctor just to hear the same result!

7. Cost-effective

Getting tests done at a doctor's office can be expensive. Testing for sexually transmitted diseases that fall under the Communicable Diseases Act is usually free. However, other tests are not. Ordering a home test can be much more affordable, especially considering that you won't miss work time and won't have to travel to a clinic.

8. Good for regular monitoring

There are health conditions that require regular testing and monitoring. Good home tests allow you to manage this at home, eliminating the hassle of booking an appointment and going to a clinic. With the home test, you can immediately see, for example, your blood sugar levels.

9. Easy to obtain

If you live in a place where it's not easy to have tests done locally or where there's only limited product availability at a pharmacy, online home tests are a great solution. They are easy to obtain and are delivered directly to your mailbox.

10. You gain control over your health

One aspect often emphasized is that home tests are good for those who want to take control of their health. When you want to be proactive and work on preventive as well as health problem management, home tests are a significant advantage.

There are indeed important advantages to home tests, but let us reiterate that they are not a substitute for a doctor's diagnosis when it comes to more serious health problems. Additionally, all tests should be followed up with consultation with an appropriate healthcare provider.